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...About Film

Renee Nabinger, Director, Fare Play  Thank you Callie for absolutely everything! You were fantastic and an absolute joy to work with! We will all keep you in mind for future projects, we are so glad you were able to be a part of this production.

Indy Dang, Director, Influence were a true professional and a joy to work with - you brought the ferocity and conflict of June every day on set. I am so glad to have gotten to work with you.

BearwalkCinema, Boston, MA How can we put into words how we feel about you @Callie Beaulieu? I don't know if there are words to express our gratitude for you Callie. You're an incredible actress. You were captivating in every sense of the word. You delivered so much and the people around you became all the more excited. Thank you for your kindness, sweetness, and incredible talent. We have been very lucky to know you. 

...About Theater

Romeo & Juliet, Hartford Stage Robert Hannon Davis as Montague and Callie Beaulieu as Lady Montague brought life to these somewhat muted characters. On Stage Blog, Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley   

Ghosts in the Cottonwoods, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble ,,,and Callie Beaulieu deliver power-packed portrayals. Chicago SunTimes, Lucia Mauro

The Vagina Monologues - Women of Antigua Then came the Wear and Say Lists which gave us some hint the Callie [Beaulieu] was a talent we'd love to see more of during the I Was There in the Room, she captivated the audience...her honest performance...her delivery...her tears...all just struck as so very genuine The Antigua Sun, Hazra C. Medica

Staff Favorites of 2015, The Day, Les Liaisons Dangereuses Flock's shows inside the historic Shaw Mansion are always a midwinter treat, but "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" is one of it's best productions there - which is saying something. Flock Theatre at the Shaw Mansion, New London 

Sunken Land - Stage Left Theatre Bravo! newcomer Callie Beaulieu makes a surprising debut as a rebellious patient who refuses to swallow the sugar coated propaganda that the hospital foists upon its prisoners/patients. She strikes a rare pose between helplessness and tough gallows humor. Windy City Times,Wayne Scott

Richard Manley, Playwright Time to ...praise someone whose talent has so often brought my work to life on stage. I’ve talked about Callie Beaulieu before, but a confluence of coincidences brought her to mind this week...   Several years ago, at a theater in Connecticut, Callie played the female lead in the first major production of this play.  In my mind, she created Mary, brought her to life more vividly on stage than I thought possible.  From that point on, I used her whenever I could.  ...what prompted this FB entry was a brief exchange last week with one of the creative admins at the IATI theater in Manhattan, a small, but passionate and innovative promoter of new work.  One of my other plays had a public reading there a couple of years ago and Callie played that female lead as well.  The depth she brought to the character stunned (not too strong a word) the audience. 

...About Narration

A Year of No Clutter, Eve O. Schaub Callie Beaulieu is a new-to-me narrator, and I liked her. She was interesting to listen to, and her emotions were palpable. She conveys not only Eve’s frustration but also the humor. I thought she was a good fit! Darlene's Book Nook

A Whole Latte Murder, Caroline Fardig   ...Callie Beaulieu is one of my favorite mystery narrators and she does a really good job with this series. She is just real easy to listen too and makes the audiobook go by really quick...Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!  

Run to Ground, Katie Ruggle   Callie Beaulieu is a new to me narrator ... and her voice suited RUN TO GROUND. Her voices captured the characters personalities and I found her pleasant to listen to. Her pacing, tone, and switch from voice to voice were delivered flawlessly. I love when a narration enhances the authors story and Beaulieu did just that.Caffeinated Reviewer  

Year of No Clutter, Eve O. Schaub    Narrator Callie Beaulieu performs Schaub's memoir of spending a year trying to clean out her "Hell Room" with a winning, smart confidence. It's a fitting choice to characterize a woman who clearly relishes taking on big projects. Schaub isn't all confidence, though, and Beaulieu heightens Schaub's more vulnerable moments--as when she reveals some of the more grizzly contents of the Hell Room with a slightly muted voice, hesitations, and pauses. Beaulieu conveys a sense of excitement and interest in her narration of Schaub's research, particularly when Schaub gets into the psychology of amassing too much stuff and the fine line between clutter and hoarding. Entertaining and practical, this memoir will resonate with listeners and inspire decluttering projects. AudioFile Magazine, May 2017

Survive the Night, Katie Ruggle   Callie Beaulieu continues to do a great job with the narration of this series. I think she is really good and making you feel the emotions of each character, no matter what is going on at the time. It can be romance or action and Callie has it covered. I do enjoy both her male and female characters. I highly recommend her if you get a chance to give her a try. Hot Listens 

The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City, Margaret Creighton "Reader Beaulieu moves deliberately through the narration, with intentional pauses and hesitations when the prose demands it and a bit more pitch and vigor in the more intense scenes. Her straightforward style of delivery coupled with Creighton’s keen scene setting and mix of characters serves listeners well in this fascinating slice of history." Publishers Weekly

Marriage, A History, Stephanie Coontz   "Narrator Callie Beaulieu did a fantastic job, beginning to end. Her presentation of the content made comprehension easy, and her voice is “listening easy”. The narration amped the already 4+ star book into a solid 5-star package...I listened to the audible edition and can’t help but give the narrator, Callie Beaulieu, 5-stars on her own."  Kristin Holt, Author

Reskilling America, Katherine S. Newman and Hella Winston    "Callie Beaulieu narrates this work in a straightforward way that emphasizes the practical approach of the authors...Overall, Beaulieu provides a reading that is easy to listen to at a pace that allows the listener to digest the stories and arguments."  AudioFile Magazine, September 2016

The Dirty Guide to Wine, Alice Feiring     ... Beaulieu's french pronunciation is spot-on .”  AudioFile Magazine, November 2017

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