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2017: Audiobooks off and running!

So as most folks do at this time of year, I took the last few weeks to look over the successes of 2016. There were big highlights: Performing at Hartford Stage thirty years after I had made the promise that someday I would (still sending a heartfelt thank you to Darko Tresjnak and Elizabeth Williamson for this one!), joining Equity, building this website, getting updated headshots, forming an accountability group of like minded actors....the list goes on. But one of the biggest successes for me this past year was my continuation and growth as an audio book narrator. In the past nine months I have had the opportunity to narrate over twenty audio books for Tantor Media, HighBridge, and Recorded Books! Fiction...non fiction...true crime....cozys. Each and every one of these books have been a delight. Educational. Enjoyable.

When I tell people what I do for a living the response is always the same: "Oh, I have always wanted to do that!" And I am not going to lie, it's a great gig! One of the things I find the most gratifying about being a narrator is that you are constantly learning. Learning new vocabulary, learning about to be a better you. Those facts and interesting tidbits...they come from the books themselves. The education I get as an actor doing these narrations....that is one of the greatest gifts of all! Everyday I am presented with something that makes me a better actor. Vocal work, character development, naturalism, dialects, powering through, pacing myself for a seven plus hour day at "full on" combination, I can honestly say... being an Audio Book Narrator has made me a better person, all the way around.

I am heading in to 2017 narrations are booked solid in to March! I have a really great combination of titles coming up with a large variety of fiction and non fiction. In May, it's the APAC in New York for seminars and the schmooze!

A quick shout out to C. S. E. Cooney, Brandy Lawrence, Georgina White, the Tantor team, and all the narrators I see everyday at the studio...each and every one of you have made and make this possible. You Rock!

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