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When a Narrator Loses her Voice: the Seven Stages of Grief

Stage One: Shock & Denial - Wait....What?! No, no, no, I can not be developing laryngitis? How is that possible? Laryngitis doesn't happen to me! I have had it twice, TWICE and I am middle aged! That is just a tickle in my throat. We can fix that scratchiness in post, can't we? But Mr. Engineer, I really sound fine. yes, yes I will go home and rest...

Stage Two: Pain & Guilt - But I have a deadline...a deadline...I can't be lying here in bed with this cold. What if they never want to work with me again? Oh my God ...the deadline! Oh my God the studio is booked?! Oh my God, I AM booked! My head hurts, my stomach hurts, my throat hurts. My brain hurts, I should have washed my hands better..I I should have told that sick person to stay away from me...I should have wrapped myself in bubble wrap...

Stage Three: Anger & Bargaining - I HATE this cold! I hate this cold! I can not drink any more throat coat! No, I do not want anymore cough drops! I don't care if they are the kind with honey in them...I need my voice back! I. don't. have. a. voice! It's my job! ...ok ...ok....if I go on vocal rest and stay in bed for a few days and promise, promise not to talk or anything..I will live like a hermit... can I pleeeeease get my voice back? I'll do 100 pages every day, I promise!

Stage Four: Depression & Reflection - my voice is never coming back...what am I going to do? I have four books to complete. No one will want to hire me again. I am going to end up "in a van...down by the river!"

I remember what my voice sounded like. It had was like a gal that had too much whiskey and too many cigarettes. It was fun! My voice was fun and serious and sometimes really nasal and....sigh......

Stage Five: The Upward Turn - ...You know what?..I am human. This happens to humans. I am sure I am not the first audiobook narrator that got laryngitis during a very tight schedule. You have to make this work. You will make this work!

Stage Six: Reconstruction & Working Through - ok, I need to buck up and pour those fluids down my throat and sleep and use my humidifier and sleep some more. Then, when I wake up, and my throat is better I am going to send out some e-mails and explain the situation and put something together. I can do this. There are far bigger problems in this world. ok....phew....

Stage Seven: Acceptance - Ok. Ok, the voice will come back. It may not be tomorrow but it will come back. You may need to juggle some things and this might not be easy and it might be awkward but your voice will come back. And then, you won't be able to shut me up!

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