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About Me...

I was raised in Mystic, Connecticut - yes, where they filmed Mystic Pizza... I get asked that all the time and yes, there really is a Mystic Pizza Restaurant.


After getting my BFA at The University of Connecticut, I packed up my suitcases and my futon and headed out to the Midwest where I spent the next fifteen years of my life in the storefront theaters of Chicago. In late '90s, I embarked on a thirteen year hiatus, during which I learned to figure skate and had the opportunity to live abroad in Antigua where I became a Caribbean ballroom champion (there were no ice rinks in the islands!), I travelled extensively, did a castle reconstruction in France, got married and divorced and married and divorced again and all that experience has marinated into who I am as a person, as an actress and as an audiobook narrator.

While the hiatus catapulted me from “young mom” to Lady Macbeth, the change has been a good one and I feel a strength added to my performances that only life experience and maturity can instill.

People always say I am full of energy and I laugh…I am full of something! (and no it's not Mystic Pizza!)


Things that bring me joy:

 good, hard belly laughs * iced coffee * the beach * turquoise blue * french fries * fresh sheets on the bed * vintage/estate jewelry * fresh cut flowers * exploring new places * a dirty gin martini * flea markets * China/Rider * medium ballpoint pens * city energy * France

Irrational Fear:

Automobile Hauler trucks


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