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Home Studio Set Up:

Professional custom booth

MIC: Audio Technica 4040

DAW: Pro Tools

Interface: Focusrite 3rd Gen

Wave plugins

HP 10 Pro

Available to record locally in New York and willing to travel.

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Narrator of 175+ audiobooks, clients include:

Selected Fiction Samples

Stayin Alive -
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Cozy Mystery - F/F Dialog

Death in the Family -
00:00 / 00:00

Mystery - M/F Dialog

Selected Non Fiction Samples

Blonde Rattlesnake - Julia Bricklin
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Pathways to Well-being -
00:00 / 00:00

Self Help

My Family's Survival -
00:00 / 00:00


Dancing with Death - Shanna Hogan
00:00 / 00:00

True Crime

What people are saying...

Pathways to Wellbeing, Susan Brooks-Young & Sarah Armstrong     “It was wonderful working with you on this project...ISTE were thrilled with the result and loved the production”  Rinn Kraus, Findaway Voices

"Narrator Callie Beaulieu makes the wise choice to speak quickly and purposefully. This direct approach inspires listeners to change their psychology and physiology through shifts in both thought and physical posture." AudioFile Magazine, June, 2020

Oath of Honor, Lynette Eason      ...Callie Beaulieu's listeners will be treated to a worthy narration of this audiobook. She performs the story instead of merely reading it, lending coherence to the listening experience and making it feel as though the listener is a witness to the events that unfold.”  AudioFile Magazine, May 2018

Year of No Clutter, Eve O. Schaub     "Narrator Callie Beaulieu performs Schaub's memoir of spending a year trying to clean out her "Hell Room" with a winning, smart confidence... Beaulieu heightens Schaub's more vulnerable moments...Beaulieu conveys a sense of excitement and interest in her narration..."   AudioFile Magazine, May 2017

Reskilling America, Katherine S. Newman and Hella Winston    "Callie Beaulieu narrates this work in a straightforward way that emphasizes the practical approach of the authors...Overall, Beaulieu provides a reading that is easy to listen to at a pace that allows the listener to digest the stories and arguments."  AudioFile Magazine, September 2016

The Dirty Guide to Wine, Alice Feiring     ... Beaulieu's french pronunciation is spot-on .”  AudioFile Magazine, November 2017

     The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City, Margaret Creighton "Reader Beaulieu moves deliberately through the narration, with intentional pauses and hesitations when the prose demands it and a bit more pitch and vigor in the more intense scenes. Her straightforward style of delivery coupled with Creighton’s keen scene setting and mix of characters serves listeners well in this fascinating slice of history." 

Publishers Weekly, October 2017 

What authors are saying...

The Country Club Murders, Julie Mulhern    "Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you're doing making Ellison come alive!...I have folks on FB who are huge fans of yours...you've done such a marvelous job with the Country Club Murders, Thank you!"  Julie Mulhern, Author

Daughter Detox, Peg Streep      ...Hearing from readers that they love your reading.”  Peg Streep, Author

Blonde Rattlesnake, Julia Bricklin      ...Callie, I finally had a chance to listen to my book, and I wished to say THANK YOU for doing such an excellent job!”  Julia Bricklin, Author

Death in the Family, Tessa Wegert   "You did such a wonderful job with the book...such a beautiful job with the narration"  Tessa Wegert, Author

My Family's Survial, Aviva Gat    "Thank you so much for your hard work and wonderful job."  Aviva Gat, Author